PTS-W3 3 Power Source ATS

Technology of intelligent three-power sources automatic transfer switch

As we all know, in order to ensure the continuous power supply of important loads, the power supply and distribution system often uses two or multiple power sources to supply power. There are various ways of switching between power sources and their properties. E.g. require multiple ATS.

PTS-W3 is an intelligent three-power source transfer switch system, which conforms to an electrical appliance composed of one or more switch devices for disconnecting from one power source. Load circuit and connect to another power supply. Adopting the design concept of mechanical and electrical interlocking, the product has a display window of one-way position, two-way position, three-way position, and the middle isolation inspection position, which can clearly identify the position of the switch, and each channel has an independent threshold. During the power conversion process , to ensure that when each circuit is in the closing position, the closing thresholds of the other two power sources will be locked and closed to ensure the safe input and disconnection of each power source.

  • Rated up to 400 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Optimal design of 16-630 amperes driven by a three-driving mechanism
  • GB 51348-2019 Civil Building Electrical Design Standard
  • CE & CCC certified
  • Electrically operated and mechanically held
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocked switch
  • Available in Opened Transition Transfer, Delayed-Transition Transfer Switch.
  • High withstand and close-on with reliable and field-proven solenoid operating mechanism ensures maximum performance.
  • Self-cleaning main contact. Using non fire fibre glass reinforce.
  • Arc quenching grids, enclosed arc chambers, and wide contact air gap.
  • Segmented silver tungsten alloy contacts with separate arcing contacts on all sizes.
  • Local/remote serial communications capabilities

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