PTS Low-Voltage (LV) Manual Break Switch & Isolators


PTS-WST-7 dual power ATS controller is made by the most advance and powerful microprocessor as its core, an intelligent dual-supply synchronous transfer module integrating programmable function, automatic measurement, LCD display, and digital communication. It combines digitalization, intelligence and networking. Automatic measurement and control reduce the incorrect operation. It has compact structure, advanced circuits, simple wiring and high reliability, and IoT connectivity ready.

PTS-WST-7 is applicable for Mains-Mains, Mains-Gen, Gen-Gen power supply system and can be used for transfer switch of PC class, CB class, and CC class after full consideration on various ATS (Automatic Transfer System) applications. It can accurately detect 2-way-3-phase voltage, make accurate and quick judgment and output passive control switch for occurred abnormal voltages (over/under voltage, loss of phase, over/under frequency) in-phase transfer of two power supplies. It has compact structure, advanced circuits, simple wiring and high reliability, and can be widely used in electric power, data center, telecommunications, oil & gas, coal, air transportation, railways, water pumping station, hospital, military infrastructure, intelligent building, factories, automatic control and testing system.

  • With the function of quick transfer, the automatic transfer response time is as low as 50ms, matching with the fast ATS switch, which can achieve the transfer time less than 100ms;
  • In-phase transfer function;
  • LCD 132x64 pixel with backlight, multiple language display (English, Other), push button operation;
  • LED lamp can directly display current ATS close/open status, power status and whether load is power on;
  • System type can be set to: Mains (1#) & Mains (2#), Mains (1#) & Generator (2#), Generator (1#) & Mains (2#), Generator (1#) & Generator (2#);
  • S1 master, or S2 master can be set; Auto Transfer Auto Restore and Auto Transfer Non-Restore are fitted for master power;
  • Measure and display 2-way 3 phase Voltage, Frequency, and Phase Sequence Status;
  • Collect and display load active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and current;
  • Independent overcurrent warning or trip alarm functions for S1/S2;
  • NEL trip function is fitted;
  • Load voltage monitoring function is fitted;
  • Display of accumulated active power, accumulated reactive power, accumulated close times is fitted;
  • Each phase voltage of S1/S2, wave distortion rate of load current and 3-21 odd times harmonic percentage can be measured;
  • Display of current power supply time and S1/S2 continuous power supply time is available;
  • For energy saving switch, users can wait for and close the switch until PF (close is ready) signal is active;
  • Over/under voltage, over/under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence monitoring functions are fitted;
  • Auto/Manual transfer is fitted, so that breaker can be forced to close or open in manual mode;
  • All parameters can be configured on site; password is used to verify in case of non-professionals wrong operation;
  • Commissioning can be done manually on site to conduct genset start/stop operations;
  • Switch re-close and breakout re-close functions are fitted;
  • Close output can be set to pulse or continuous output;
  • Applicable for switches of PC class two segments, PC class three segments, CB class and CC class;
  • Real time clock display, and event log function, which can record 200 data circularly;
  • Black box function, which can record 5 sets of events of ATS transfer, and 60 detailed data of 50s before one set occurs and 10s after the event;
  • Scheduled run/not run function for genset, run for once, run monthly or weekly, and run-on load or unload can also be set;
  • Two gensets can be controlled and cycle run, master run, and balanced time run can be realized.
  • Wide DC supply range, maximum 80V DC input for transient;
  • Wide wire terminal space of AC input, maximum 625V voltage input;
  • USB port, provides convenience for on-site debugging, and parameter or software upgrade;
  • RS485 isolated communication port, makes the controller has remote control, remote communication, remote measuring, remote debugging functions by ModBus-RTU; it can remote control genset start/stop, ATS close and open;
  • ETHERNET port, makes the controller has remote control, remote communication, remote measuring, remote debugging functions by ModBus TCP/IP; it can remote control genset start/stop, ATS close and open;
  • Master and backup power supply can be set; ATS can normally work if one circuit is normal;
  • Modular structure design, anti-flammable ABS shell, pluggable wire terminal, built-in installation method; structure is compact and installation is easy.

Performance Parameters

Items Description
Operating Voltage
  1. DC 8.0V~DC35.0V, continuous power supply; DC reverse connection protection;
  2. AC power A1-N1/A2-N2 supply; voltage range AC (90~305)V
Power Consumption <4W (Standby mode:<2W)
AC Voltage Input (PT or PT Secondary is not used.) AC system Voltage Range
3P4W (L-L) (80~625)V
3P3W (L-L) N.A.
2P3W (A-B) (50~360)V
1P2W (L-N) (80~625)V

Rated Frequency

Voltage Resolution: 1V, Accuracy: 1%
AC Frequency Rated: 50/60Hz, Range: 15Hz-75Hz, Resolution: 0.01Hz, Accuracy: 0.1Hz
AC Current Rated: 5A, Range: 0A-10A, Resolution: 0.1A, Accuracy: 2%
S1 Close Relay Output 16A AC250V  Volt free output
S2 Close Relay Output 16A AC250V  Volt free output
Programmable Relay Output 1-2 16A AC250V  Volt free output
Programmable Relay Output 3-6 8A AC250V  Volt free output
S1 Close Signal Input GND connected (B-) is active, low voltage 1.2VDC, high voltage 60VDC
S2 Close Signal Input
Digital Input 1-4
RS485 Port Isolated, half-duplex, 2400/4800/9600/19200 baud rate can be set, Modbus-RTU communication protocol, farthest communication distance 1000m
ETHERNET Port Self-adaptable 10/100Mbps, Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol
Design Standard Meets GB/T14048.11-2016 & IEC/EN 60947-6-1
Production Compliance According to EN61010-1 installation type (overvoltage) III, 300V, pollution class 2, altitude 3000m
Protection Rank Front Panel: IP65, when waterproof gasket is installed between controller and control panel; Back Panel: IP20;
Insulation Strength Apply AC2.2kV voltage between high voltage terminal and low voltage terminal and the leakage current is not more than 3mA within 1min.
Operating Temperature -25~+70°C; Relative Humidity: 20~93%RH
Storage Temperature -30~+80°C

Installation Dimension

  • Chemical Industry


  • Data Centres


  • Healthcare Facilities


  • Industrial Complexes


  • Mission-Critical Facilities


  • Refineries



  • Telecom Exchanges


  • Waste Water Treatment


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